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Salt Lake City, UT. Jan 20th 2024
(coming soon)

Next Muslim Singles Events: Salt Lake City, Jan 20th 2024



What sets the Half Deen LIVE process apart from others?

We distance ourselves from the concept of speed-dating. Allocating only 3 minutes per person might suffice for a brief interaction, but it falls short when seeking a lifelong partnership. From the moment we receive your application, we rigorously assess applicants to ensure a gathering of the most harmonious connections. Our events maintain a balanced gender ratio, offering everyone an equitable opportunity. Through engaging and enjoyable activities, we effortlessly shatter initial barriers and eliminate discomfort. Given that all attendees are also part of HOD Online, post-event communication is conveniently facilitated.

Why do I need a Half Deen membership to attend?

Half Deen Offline boasts a distinct feature: every attendee at the event is a member of Half Deen Online. If you come across someone intriguing and wish to gather more information before expressing interest, you can peruse their online profile. Personal details aren't swapped since secure post-event connections are facilitated through our website. With access to over 3,000 active profiles, the chances of discovering your ideal match remain high even if it doesn't happen during the offline event. Please note that our Offline events are exclusively for Members Only. You can join our membership by visiting

What if the event is already Sold Out?

We truly desire to accommodate all interested participants. However, given the rising popularity of this event, seats tend to fill up rapidly. To maintain a balanced environment, we maintain a 1:1 ratio of women to men. Consequently, there are instances where we might temporarily pause registrations for the gender that is more represented, until we can ensure equal participation. Rest assured, we strive to provide every individual with a chance to find a match. Keep an eye on our website to stay updated on the details of our upcoming events and their locations.

What factors do you consider when screening applicants?

At Half Deen, our focus is on delivering high-quality matches. Rather than imposing criteria ourselves, we prioritize your preferences. Each application is meticulously evaluated, taking into account your specified criteria for a potential spouse. Only individuals who align with your criteria are extended invitations, enhancing your prospects from the outset. Our unique approach involves filtering applicants to guarantee compatibility, making us the sole Muslim organization committed to maximizing the likelihood of discovering your ideal partner. InshAllah!

Why do you maintain a private event venue?

We prioritize your privacy. Our event venue remains undisclosed and is exclusively disclosed to confirmed and registered participants. Your presence at the event is known only to fellow attendees. We do not accommodate any walk-in attendees. This approach ensures a discreet and secure environment for all involved.

Interested in implementing the Half Deen Live process for your own event?

You're in luck! We're excited about our process too, and you don't have to start from scratch. We're here to offer you a blueprint to successfully host your own events, utilizing the Half Deen LIVE process. For more information, reach out to us at We look forward to assisting you!