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Orange County, CA (7/16)
Pleasanton CA (8/13)

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Next Muslim Singles Events: Orange County, CA (July 16th 2022)



How is the Offline process different ?

We steer clear of the speed-dating approach. The 3 minutes you are giving to talk to each person is great if you are looking for a 3 hour relationship. But not so much for a life-long commitment. Right from receiving your application we screen to ensure only the most compatible attend by screening all our applicants. Our events have an even ratio of men to women, giving everyone a fair chance. By engaging people in fun and interesting activities we break the ice and eliminate the awkwardness. Since all our attendees are also on HOD Online, the follow up after the event is rather simple.

Why do I need a Half Deen membership to attend?

One of the unique features of Half Deen Offline is that everyone at the event can be found on Half Deen Online. If you find someone interesting and would rather learn more about them before showing interest, you can view their profile online. There is no exchanging personal information because follow-up is done safely through our website after the event. You’ll have access to more than 3,000 active profiles. This way, even if you don’t find your ideal match at the offline event, you still have a great chance of finding them online. Our Offline events are for Members Only! You can become one by going to www.HalfDeen.com

What happens if the event is Sold Out?

We wish we could accommodate everyone! Due to the increasing popularity of this event, the seats do fill fast. We keep the ratio of women to men at 1:1. Due to this we sometimes have to temporarily halt the registration for the gender thats ahead, until we can level the playing field. We ensure that everyone has an opportunity for a match. Keep checking the site to see when and where our next event will be. 

What criteria do you screen applicants by?

We believe in quality matches. We don’t set the criteria, our applicants do. We review every application carefully and study your criteria for a spouse. We only invite those that meet your criteria so you have a great shot right from the start. We are the only Muslim organization that filters our applicants to ensure compatibility, therefore increasing the chances that you will find “The One”. InshAllah!

Why is your event venue private?

We care about your privacy. Our event location is kept confidential and is only revealed to those who are paid and confirmed. Nobody knows you are at the event, except those at the event. We do not accept any walk ups to the event.

Event Safety:

We’re encouraging our attendees and staff to adopt social distancing and sanitization measures to help keep everyone attending as safe as possible. As events are being scheduled again, its status may change due to developing safety policies, but we'll keep you posted if that's the case.

  • Mask Recommended: We recommend attendees to wear a mask during the event and in public areas (exceptions made while seated)
  • Clean Venue: Steps to sanitize surfaces throughout have been taken before the event.
  • Social Distancing: The recommended six feet of distance is suggested throughout the event for a safe distanced event.
  • Temperature Checks: Attendees will be asked to submit to contactless temperature checks before entering the venue hall.
  • Hand Sanitizer Stations: Attendees can access various hand sanitizing stations that will be located throughout the venue.